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Gas turbines Maintenance and Repairs

Gas turbines are recognized to have the best power to size ratio and the shortest installation time. Thus, their use is required where high and quick energy demand is required and their maintenance and repairs has been standardized.

SPIE Turbomachinery provides all standardized maintenance packages and parts taking into account not only the turbine, but also its multi technical environment.

Further, SPIE Turbomachinery, backed by internal strong engineering, offers different services like control retrofits, rotor advanced repairs or auxiliary design modifications targeting lifetime extension.

General electric® / Nuovo Pignone® up to 125MW
GE 5 (former PGT 5)
GE 10 (former PGT 10) A & B
Frame 3 MS3002 J, H
Frame 5 MS5001 K to R, PA & «New Tech»
Frame 5 MS5002 A, B & C
Frame 6 MS6001 B
Frame 9 MS 9001 B & E

General Electric Frame gas turbines have also been packaged by Alsthom, AEG Kanis, John Brown, Kvaerner, Hitachi, European Gas Turbines (EGT) and Thomassen.


All industries

  • open cycle power unit
  • trailer mounted power unit
  • combined cycle
  • combined heat & power (cogeneration)

Oil & gas

  • turbo pump
  • turbo compressor