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Field Service for Turbomachines

Our goal of field service for turbomachines: give our customers the full control over budget and downtime during their outage without the hard times of coordination.
At SPIE Turbomachinery, we aim to offer to customer a comprehensive and turnkey site service on the complete power unit including all auxiliaries and covering multi technical skills. Due to that approach, customer can focus on its own process, leaving the rotating equipment (turbines, alternators, compressors, turbogenerators, pumps,…) and its environment under the complete management of SPIE Turbomachinery.


  • Vibration analysis
  • Hot spot check by thermal camera
  • NDT inspections
  • Borescopic inspection
  • Surveys
    • steam mapping
    • performance assessment
    • condition survey


  • Container atelier pleinement équipé pour usinage sur site
  • Machine d’usinage mobile pour ailetage et usinage des corps
  • Equilibreuse mobile
  • Lignage laser
  • Outillage spéciaux (plus de 75 types différents en magasin)
  • Cabine mobile de contrôles CND


  • on call intervention
  • turbine and auxiliaries correction or reconstruction
  • on-site special repairs
    • bearing housing machining
    • bearing & seals alignment
    • blade tip machining
    • blade locking pin drilling


  • Loop checks with control systems
    • for gas turbines
      • GE® Mark IV, Mark V & Mark VI
      • PLCs (GE® Fanuc™, SIEMENS® S7, Schneider®,
    • for steam turbines
      • WOODWARD® 505 & VOITH® TurCon™
      • electro-mechanical controls
  • Live checks
  • Steam mapping
  • Compressor mapping
  • Functional testing
  • Troubleshooting rotating equipment and auxiliaries