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Advanced Repairs for Turbomachines

Even if the condition of your machines seems desperate, thEre might be a smart solution for a “new life”. We’ll find it !

Where OEMs may no longer consider a machine worth repairing, SPIE Turbomachinery has dedicated its engineering to tailored solutions and advanced repairs for turbomachines with help of up to date manufacturing and repair technologies.


The rotor is obviously the major component of the rotating equipment. Therefore SPIE Turbomachinery has a special attention in repairing them.

The purpose of our engineering is to save as many components (disk, seal, wear ring, balance piston…) as possible before considering a reverse engineered shaft. Proceedingly, a repair can be complete or incorporating new components.

Amongst the repair techniques :

  • shaft or disk reshaping
  • shaft end welding
  • bearing journal or thrust collar reloading
  • shaft straightening


Besides the rotors, all machine components are repairable at different grades.

  • casing
  • static blading and nozzles
  • seal
  • bearings